For Luciana, Carmen, Lola and Cholita, memory is their last remaining possession in the nursing home where they live. The rest is shared: The clothes, showers, bedrooms and single coffin.

The nursing home is an identity-fading machine, a process that also erases judgements, imperatives and previous rules. So they use this opportunity to revisit their memories and reconstruct their identities the way they want them to be; far away from the ‘truth’ but closer to their essence.

Their fellow housemates and carers have become accomplices to this process, understanding that the world constructed through recollection, is the one they feel happy with. Memory has become the most effective tool in making their present worth living, because it is within memory that they find reasons to keep going.

When all is said and done, when everyone and everything that we once cared about are gone, we still have memory to keep bringing them back.