Share your Story

As we grow older, the last precious thing that truly belongs to us is our memories. Take our memories away and you take our right to be us away. But that is precisely the first thing that people get stripped off when arriving to a nursing home: habits, clothes, photos, objects and memorabilia of their previous life.

All of what is part of our home seems to be missing in a nursing home, making aging and closing your life a harder process. Who are we when, for practical purposes, we are denied the access to our own way of being?

In a world were the elderly population is so rapidly increasing that it is estimated that by 2050 two thousand million people in the world are to fall in that category, the performance of public and non-profit care facilities for the elderly people are urgent topics.

How can we create a system where elderly people can remain truthful to themselves while living in a public nursing home? What are the things, personal belongings, spaces and activities that elderly people miss the most when in a nursing home? How can we turn a nursing home into a real home for each one of its inhabitants? What would make a common space seem more private, unique, personal?

These are some of the questions we would like to answer and your help would be very much appreciated. We invite you to share your experience as a person living in a nursing home, or as a relative or friend of one. Technology could be the bridge between the elderly and you, using your phone to video them or to take a picture of them that then you can upload along with their written story.

Aging is inevitable so finding beauty on it is a must. Let’s find it together.