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La maga que viajó al futuro y trajo buenas noticias para las mujeres

25 September, 2015 Blog

“La vejez no es una enfermedad, y queremos envejecer de forma diferente” Thérèse fundó un hogar autogestionado sólo para mujeres donde retirarse y envejecer juntas, basado en los principios de solidaridad, feminismo, ecología y laicismo.

Vía PlayGround

Para ver el artítulo completo dar click al link     – el artículo está en español-

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Silicon Valley’s 91-year-old designer

23 September, 2015 Blog

Barbara Knickerbocker-Beskind, at her 91 years of age, got a job at the prestigious design firm IDEO.
As she explained : “I don’t expect everyone to enjoy working the way I do, but if you don’t have something that identifies you in a positive light -whether you’re the best knitter or someone who can still play the piano beautifully- you lose your identity.”

It is so important to keep on constructing ourselves up until the end.


To read the whole article – in English- go to this link:

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On life and death after 85

22 September, 2015 Blog

This video made by the New York Times shows the reflections on live of several elderly people living in New York.

One of the most moving ones for us, was to listen to Jonas Mekas, a great documentary filmmaker, saying he has met youngsters who, at their young age, they are bored with life.


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The biggest fear: memory loss

22 September, 2015 Blog, ~

“Ask anyone over the age of 40 what worries them most about growing older and the answer that comes back is almost always the fear of losing your memory. ” BBC

My biggest fear is memory loss – I guess I am definitely not alone in that one-. Imagine waking up one morning to realize that there are people sleeping in that same house, but you have absolutely no idea who they are. They call you by a name, but you don’t seem to be able to match yourself with it. Now, even worse, imagine you wake up one day and nobody knows who you are. No body thinks of you. Nobody knows your past and regardless of all of your efforts, nobody shares your memories. Do we exist because the others think of us? Or do we think of the others in order to exist?

BBC has published in their website, this very interesting article about ways to fight memory loss. I thought I share it with you, as a proof of my existence -just in case you forget me-

Here is the link:

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